Web Site Maintenance

Sage Internet Solutions, Inc. offers monthly and quarterly maintenance contracts for existing web sites.

Standard Web Maintenance Contract:

The following services are included in the standard web maintenance agreement:

Note: Updates will be submitted by the client as a Microsoft Word document, or similar method. One document per web page with all relevant link information and formatting included. Submissions will be sent 5 business days prior to month/quarter end as an e-mail attachment. Updates that are required mid-month/mid-quarter must be clearly marked, with a 2-4 business day lead time for Monthly Maintenance Agreements and 4-6 business day lead time for Quarterly Maintenance Agreements.

Changes to web structure, design, navigation or functionality are not included in the agreement.

Ad-Hoc Web Maintenance Contract:

Ad-Hoc Web Maintenance is available at $65 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Work is limited to updates submitted by the client (see list of services above) and availability is not guaranteed.

Fees and Payment

Standard Web Maintenance fees are $65 per month or quarter and include one hour coverage. Time will be charged at $65 per hour by 15 minute increments beyond the first hour. No rebates are given for unused maintenance time.

Invoices will be sent quarterly, the first of which will be sent upon the signing of this agreement. Additional monthly invoices will be generated only if time beyond the first hour is incurred.

Ad-Hoc Maintenance will be invoiced on a time and materials basis.

Payment is due within 15 days of invoice date.
Payment received after that point are subject to a $15 late fee.
Please send payment to:

Sage Internet Solutions, Inc.
2627 Lincolnwood Dr.
Evanston, IL 60201


The monthly Web Maintenance Agreement guarantees maintenance requests will be fulfilled within 2-4 business days

The quarterly Web Maintenance Agreement guarantees maintenance requests will be fulfilled within 4-6 business days

The ad-hoc Web Mainteance Agreement is scheduled on an "as available" basis and availability is not guaranteed